SAP Calculations

GC Reports – proud to be considered one of the UK’s most trusted providers of SAP Calculations

As a reputable architect, bespoke builder, or property developer, we know that you will be all too aware of your Building Compliance and Building Regulation responsibilities, including the submission of Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Calculations and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), prior to commencement of works.

What you may not know, though, is that GC Reports is rapidly becoming one of the most recommended providers of SAP Calculations in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and throughout the UK. For over a decade now, we’ve been the partner of choice for many compliance-driven organisations, including housebuilders, design and construction professionals, and public sector organisations. Put simply, we’ve established a reputation for quality, trust, and proficiency in handling the entire SAP EPC and Energy Efficiency Rating process, including:

  • SAP Assessment Provision.
  • Completion of all associated SAP Energy Rating reporting to ensure absolute compliance with current legislation.
  • Creation of an EPC.

GC Reports are always quick to respond to my calls and emails and everything is always booked in within a day or two. Having seen all the services GC Reports offer, I am always on the lookout for more opportunities to use their services and have recommended them to countless clients.

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FAQs about SAP Calculations

What is a SAP Calculation?

SAP stands for Standard Assessment Procedure – this is the only officially approved government system for assessing the energy rating for a new home. The SAP Calculations establish an energy cost based on the construction of the home, its heating system, internal lighting, and any renewable technologies installed (it does not include the energy used for cooking or appliances).

When are SAP calculations required?

SAP Calculations are a requirement of Building Regulations and are required for all newly built dwellings in the UK. All new homes are required to have a SAP calculation under Part L of the Building Regulations since 1995. Conversions and extensions of dwellings may also require a calculation – but slightly different rules apply.

Will a building control inspector ‘sign-off’ a new build without a SAP calculation?

Absolutely not. To meet current UK Building Regulations, home builders will need to gain a ‘pass’ on their SAP Calculation. Dwellings cannot be signed-off and the property cannot be let or marketed for sale without a specific calculation.

What compliance criteria needs to be met to achieve a ‘pass’ on my SAP Calculation?

A ‘pass’ is gained by meeting several compliance targets pertaining to:

  • How well the fabric of the dwelling contains heat.
    Solar gain.
  • Quality of construction and commissioning of systems.
  • Predicted CO2 emissions from the dwelling.

When should I contact a SAP Calculation provider?

Producing the calculation early in the design process will help prevent any costly re-design of the dwelling(s). Additionally, a SAP assessor can help your designer or architect to shape the energy profile of your new dwelling(s) – minimising its energy use and carbon emissions.

Who does SAP Calculations?

Assessors who carry out the calculations must be accredited and registered with a certification body – GC Reports meets all of these strict criteria. We’d be delighted to talk you through the SAP Calculation process or discuss the other Building Compliance and Building Regulation services we provide, including Sound Insulation Testing and Airtightness Testing.